LPS Solutions

Company information

LPS Solutions is an IT company founded by French and Belgium investors in November 2005, and then acquired by Moldovan investors in 2009. The company delivers IT enterprise solutions, consulting, development, support and outsourcing for local and foreign businesses. The Company is located in Chisinau – the capital city of Moldova, Eastern Europe.

Our Profile

Our Vision: We will be the supplier of solutions to our customer, the employer of solutions by our co-workers and our community, the investment of solutions by our investors, and the model of integrity and excellence for business.

Our Mission: We produce and supply software products, provide related services and follow opportunities that help us to enlarge our business. We will constantly improve our products and services to better meet our customer’s needs and expectations, helping our customers, employees, owners, and society to prosper.

Our Guiding Principles:
WE ASSURE QUALITY IN ALL WE DO. We tend continually to improve our products and services, our human and community relations, the safety of our operations, and financial performance.

CUSTOMERS ARE OUR PRIORITY. We anticipate, understand, and meet our customer’s changing needs and expectations.

INVOLVED EMPLOYEES ARE OUR MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE. We give our best and work to create an environment that provides each of us the opportunity to reach and enrich our potential.

FINANCIAL SUCCESS KEEPS US IN BUSINESS. To prosper, both the employees and the company, we maintain the stability of our company and provide a competitive return to our investors.

TEAMWORK IS OUR WAY OF LIFE. We work in partnership with our co-workers, customers, suppliers, owners, and government to achieve mutual goals. Trust and respect are the main principles of our team approach.

INTEGRITY IS NEVER COMPROMISED. Our actions and decisions reflect the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our Portfolio

Our experience includes IT projects and technologies in the following IT areas:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking systems
  • Internet sales (eCommerce)
  • CRM
  • Human Resources
  • Secure Messaging and Transport Systems
  • Protocol Decoding


LPS Solutions SRL
23, Decebal bd., office 107 MD-2002 Chisinau, Moldova
tel: +373 22528457
tel: +373 79847330